Welcome to the Computational Structure and Galaxy Formation Group at MIT (CSGF@MIT)!

Recent News

December, 2015
First two ETHOS (An Effective THeory Of Structure Formation) papers submitted ( paper 1 and paper 2).
September, 2015
Illustris galaxies can now be visually classified as part of the Galaxy Zoo Project.
September, 2015
Astrobites discusses our recent paper: A Magnetized Universe - How galaxies are influenced by magnetic fields.
April, 2015
Illustris public data release available.
December, 2014
The Illustris simulation was chosen as one of the top stories in all of physical science in 2014 by Physics Database.com.
August, 2014
Our paper 'Scattering, damping, and acoustic oscillations: Simulating the structure of dark matter halos with relativistic force carriers' is featured on Physical Review D's Kaleidoscope.

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